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The Phalaenopsis Orchid

The Phalaenopsis orchid family was most likely named for a family of beautiful moths, called Phalaena. This reference was the reason the Phalaenopsis orchids are often called "Moth Orchids". There's even an island named after the moth orchid specifically, off the coast of Taiwan; Orchid Island. The Phalaenopsis orchid is especially indigenous to Asian islands and countries, however, flourishes well enough in many subtropical and tropical regions as well. There are almost one hundred different species in the original plants, although of course many more hybrids are bred or formed naturally over the years. Despite the wide variety of species, there are two main distinctive categories for the Phalaenopsis orchid. One variety is a group with branched inflorescence that can grow to almost a meter long, with large and almost entirely round flowers, with either white or rosy tint in their colour. The Phalaenopsis are usually found in the wild, growing in the shade, although some species can also withstand direct sunlight.

Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids

Moth, or Phalaenopsis orchids have risen in popularity, and are quite often grown at home. Not only are their blooms attractive and numerous, but they can also last up to three months without wilting. The Moth Orchid is also especially easy to care for indoors, unlike other types of orchids which require more supervised conditions. As long as extra humidity is supplied by the owner, the plant will do fine. The Phalaenopsis orchid prefers low light conditions, and leaves that appear dark green indicate too little light, while more yellow leaves indicate too much light. A normal home temperature, such as 72 to 78 F, is ideal for the plant, however, allowing the temperature to drop below 60 F is dangerous for the plant, though the plant should be allowed to spend three weeks of the fall in 60 F temperatures for its resting period. This ensures a healthier plant, and flourish blooms in the warmer months to come.

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