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Lanai florist

The island of Hawaii is famous of the many flowers and sceneries it possesses. Most the people who visit Hawaii always go back home with the sweetest smiles because of their unmatched experiences in its fantasy islands. Lanai is one of the best islands that you can visit in Hawaii. It is also called the pineapple island because of its richness in the world renowned pineapples. Not only does it provide the entire world the best and the most delicious pineapples, it is also the home of the best flowers you can see on special occasions.

Lanai is the smallest inhabited islands in Hawaii. But its beauty does not go far from the other islands. In fact, Lanai is a very cool place to see the best beaches and it is also one of the most preferred destinations for special and unique weddings. The activities that can be done by tourists on this island are all very exciting and breathe taking. Lanai is famous because of golf. Aside from that, this pineapple island is also home of the Garden of the Gods. This spectacular rock formation is one of the most visited.

The flowers in Lanai are one of the best flowers I have seen all over the world. All the memories that I can remember from this island have much to do with its loveliest flowers. It has already pleased a lot of people and no one has ever missed to get awed by the flowers in Lanai. It is famous for having the tropical flowers in Hawaii like the Heliconia, Ginger, Psittacorum and Kaunaoa. When arranged together to form a bouquet, the ensemble would be irresistible and very remarkable.

Heliconia is also known as the flower of wild bananas. It is one of the flowers that bring added elegance to a flower arrangement. It is best used in landscapes in weddings and special celebrations. It is also known to be the false birds of paradise flower because it looks much like it.

Weddings and parties are also made more special and well prepared because of the additional beauty from the ginger flower in Lanai. This tropical flower’s bright color and intricate design can catch anyone’s attention. When used in wedding receptions, the table and even the whole place will eventually light up and get more enhanced because of its beauty.

The Psittacorum flower is also one of the most loved tropical flowers in Lanai. It has a bird-beak like feature that can be used to accentuate flower arrangements in weddings. Its exotic wonder gives the flower arrangers a huge ease because they could be made to enhance the look of their arrangements without much effort. Having a tropical landscape garden with Psittacorum can give you the best stress free moments in your life. How much more if they are used on your special days?

And last but not the least; we shall see the beauty of Kaunaoa right now. Kaunaoa is the island flower of Lanai. It comes in yellow or orange flowers that are very famous on leis in Hawaii. They are braided and twisted to form the loveliest leis that are given to tourists when they visit Hawaii.

The popularity of the flowers in Hawaii, especially in Lanai is indeed very amazing. That impresses a lot of tourists and even the people already living the Hawaiian life.