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Kauai Flowers

Discover the Hawaiian Experience through Kauai Flowers

The Hawaiian Aloha experience is not complete without the presence of their world famous flowers. Just imagine Hawaii without flowers. It will surely give a huge change in your view of Hawaii. Hawaii is always associated with its tropical flowers. Aside from the splendor beauty of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, its cliffs and cascading waterfalls, it also never fail to provide excellent choices of flowers when it comes to weddings and other special occasions.

Kauai is also popularly known as the “Garden Isle”. The beauty of this island is very famous to tourists not only because of the exquisite beaches but also because of its lush collection of tropical flowers. Flowers bloom on this great island and the romance gets even better between lovers no matter what age bracket they belong. The flowers play a huge role in making couples happier while on Kauai. The weddings become uniquely unmatched and the experience is not forgotten. The tourists keep on coming back and the tropical flowers from Kauai is one of the reasons.

The Garden Island is home to the tropical flowers like the Kauai Treasure and the Garden Island Fuzzy Pink. The Kauai Treasure is one of the long-living tropical flowers in the whole world. It can stay alive on a vase up to 26 days. This flower is renowned to make the wedding flower arrangements look more elegant and more enticing. The Garden Island Fuzzy Pink is outstandingly beautiful because of its tint. It can also last up to 20 days. These flowers are grown magnificently in Kauai. They never fail to amuse and give curiosity to the tourists.

The plumeria is also one of the most loved flowers in Kauai. It is mostly seen and appreciated in leis. This magnificent flower comes in different brilliant colors. Since they come in different colors, leis become more extraordinary. The tourists that keep on coming back to Hawaii are all very happy to receive leis made up of these plumerias.

The Hibiscus is also a flower grown in Kauai. We all know that it is the flower that symbolizes how beautiful Hawaii is. This state flower comes in a wide variety of colors and is usually seen to accentuate the overall look of the hula dancers. Hibiscus is very popular all over the world because of its wondrous and exquisite beauty.

The ginger flower is one that amazes and gives more elegance to flower arrangements. Together with other tropical flowers in Hawaii like the Protea and the bird of paradise, the flower arrangements in weddings and in other special celebrations are no longer ordinary.

The flowers that you can see in Kauai are truly very pretty. Each one has different shapes and colors that when gathered together in bouquets or on flower vases they give everyone the awe. Whether they are cut or on their pots, you could not help but notice their elegance and wonder. They make Hawaii and particularly Kauai worth visiting. The weddings that I have attended in Kauai are all very romantic and great because of the flowers that were wonderfully arranged to make each moment more memorable.