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Hawaii Flowers – Diversity, Beauty, Popularity

At the mention of the Hawaiian Islands, rich tropical and idyllic images come to mind. Lush tropical vegetation, the hula, green valleys, volcanoes, surf, sun, pineapples and most of all, flowers.

It has been said that there is really nothing native to Hawaii. The Islands came into being from seabed eruptions, corals, and layers upon layers of deposits until it rose from the seabed eons of years ago and became the islands it is now. Whatever can be found in the Hawaiian Islands today were drifted there, brought there and bred there. The same story went on with Hawaii flowers. The best thing is that it thrived and developed there and what glorious lush it has become. The gardens of Hawaii are some of the most beautiful tropical gardens in the world not only for the skill of its horticulturists but the richness of the soil, the climate, and the topography that contributed to what this seemingly island garden has become.

Hawaii flowers are as beautiful and as diverse as its Islands and as colorful as the history of its peoples. When we think leis, we think of Hawaii. When we say hibiscus, we imagine an image of a pretty tanned, smiling young Hawaiian girl with that flower in her hair wherever in the world we happen to be.

Indeed, the yellow hibiscus is its territorial flower chosen since 1920 until a legislature was passed in 1988 making the yellow hibiscus its state flower. Though believed to originally have five species it has been bred with imported flowers to create a catalog all its own. Like the hibiscus, the flowers of Hawaii were bred, to compliment to its wide assortment and varieties. These resulted then to the developing of hybrids to produce different colors and sizes.

When we think of the diversity of Hawaii flowers, the Naupaka would easily come to mind. This is a common beach plant. It has nine different species and the Naupaka could grow up to 10 feet high. This flower is so beautiful with its unique seemingly incomplete petals and comes with a lovely although sad legend behind it. 

 Due to its diversity, beauty and popularity, Hawaii flowers have become good business. Whole farms are dedicated into the raising of it that resulted into acres of land and hillsides bursting with it and why not. Hawaii flowers are highly appreciated not only by Hawaiians themselves but are sought worldwide.

Hawaiians even then, must have placed its flowers and vegetation in an exalted position in their day to day relationships that even today, when you say aloha, there could be nothing more sincere and heartfelt than to say it with a lei. In Hawaii, no occasion is ever complete without a lei. Graduations, farewells parties, welcome parties, Luau, say it, it is even considered a good gift.

Hawaii flowers are one of the favorites in wedding receptions, as wedding bouquets, table flower, decorations and for almost any event that calls for that light, delicate and sometimes playful atmosphere that no other natural decoration could provide.   

Lately, due perhaps to its allure and perhaps to the wide choice that are available, Hawaii flowers is also one of the most popular choices in tattoo shops.

From the traditional to the most modern approaches and settings, Hawaii flowers have captivated so much of the imagination. Truth to tell, any flower is a great piece but for diversity, there are the Hawaii flowers.


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